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Although we can offer you a variety of styles of treatment to suit your needs, traditional chiropractic uses a manipulation to correct misalignment of the spinal vertebrae.

This may sound dramatic but consider you are arriving with bones in extreme positions causing pain and we are restoring those to their normal alignment, relief is more often the case than pain.

Chiropractic has a very active research movement and has made strong headway in proving we should take a leading role in the management of back pain. The guiding body to GPs, called NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) advised all of the UK GPs in 2009 to refer for spinal manipulation as done by us. This is on their website.

You should always see a registered chiropractor through the GCC (General Chiropractic Council) and who is insured through the BCA (British Chiropractic Association). Personal recommendation is always best but you can also take advantage of our FREE CHECK which entitles you to 20 minutes with any chiropractor or therapist at either clinic to discuss any particulars of your case, have a short examination or just meet us face to face.

Hard sell is easy to smell and you won’t find it here. I believe what works sells itself.

You are in charge of sticking to your treatment plan so deciding how much chiropractic you would like is up to you. We will show you the possibilities for improvement through treatment with explanations as to where you are in your recovery, why and what is being treated, and what is to be expected, every time you come in.

Some people choose to totally recover to the best of their body’s ability. Others only manage the acute pain and live with some background discomfort, where if pain recures, they come in again for the next round of short visits. A bit like fighting fires instead of preventing them.

We are always here for you to talk to if you need to discuss other arrangements. A problem aired is a problem shared.

  • £50 New Patient
  • £35 Treatment (a full 20 minutes)
  • £65 Xray
  • Child reductions available

As chiropractors are primary care practitioners that means we have everything you need to be examined and treated safely. However, visiting your GP may be helpful in many ways as you may need their support at some stage and sharing the plan with them allows for better communication between our professions.

We write letters about your case to inform you GP if you let us, where necessary, however visiting us is your choice and can also be confidential so that no one hears about your visit to us. This may keep your job security or simply be a direct route to relief.