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Back Pain- Are you loving yourself enough? Do you need to be more selfish? Roseland Online article 2
Chiropractic Newquay


Hi again! As this is my first practice related story I thought I would bring up the subject of who looks after us with regards to back pain, whether lower, middle or upper back pain. Also I would like to pose the question of how many pills cure a back pain? Do we follow that add on telly saying ‘just pop in and we’ll scale your pain and marry up some drugs for you to merrily go on your way!’….can anyone sense my frustration in these adds yet??

Looking after ourselves is about being a little selfish, or in some instances (and more often than you can imagine), loving ourselves enough in order to put ourselves first so that this wonderful body of ours is managed properly with the right ingredients, food, thought, exercise and rest. It does take a little discipline to put everyone else off for a little while in order to do those strength exercises, cook a healthier meal rather than a quick fix dinner, read around how to improve our mind, join a class of some physical benefit or meditate. Whatever suits!

The typical case I see and love is the person who arrives who is totally at their whit’s end, depressed (often on antidepressants), in pain physically and doesn’t know where to turn. They are either over worked due to a burning desire to achieve beyond their tolerance or they have so many tasks that they simply come last and end up totally burnt out. The typical person is the mum, the professional person or the grandparents! Is this similar to the outcome in your life?

Today I saw a lady in her 30’s I’ll call Mrs Y. I’ve called her Mrs Y because you might ask why she got herself in this mess but if you know this character trait you will believe everything is out of your control and it just happens. Like juggling a too many balls and someone toss’s you another! Somewhere something has to give. In her case she was all the above, depressed, in pain in her lower back, chest and neck and couldn’t stand being touched for fear of pain. A professional woman with a character to take on anything in the sales world. Examining her showed she had a short leg she was not aware of causing a lifelong distortion in her pelvis and spine, a food sensitivity to her most common daily food wheat and gluten (also found in oats) which would link potentially to brain chemistry and depression, poor absorption of minerals and vitamins, poor blood sugar balance leading to exhaustion and finally changes in her hormone balance due to the crossover between blood sugars and hormones released. Consequently her periods were irregular.

The solution? 2 pills? 20 pills? Relatively simple but not immediate. I gave her one month to avoid ALL wheat and gluten, put a heel lift in her shoe and manipulated both softly and moderately the joints that had been misaligned for years. A plan for further care was made along with confirmation that she was seeing a councilor to resolve historical issues that drove her beyond her tolerance into burnout. Various therapies I use from chiropractic to cranio-sacral will be used and I am anticipating a great journey for this lady to a place where she has changed her life and is off antidepressants, enjoys abundant energy, beams with health and probably suffers manageable minor pains but one tenth of what she is experiencing now. Odd visits to us during the year as an ‘MOT’ will keep things rolling and keep her on track with her wish (similar to a dentist check up). This will be entirely relative to her discipline in the programme but one great change to be involved in as a chiropractor. A life turned around.

The alternative? For her to take pain killers given by a high street pharmacy or GP, akin to covering up the red light on the car dash and keeping on driving. A sure fire way to an early demise, more pain, more depression and further misunderstanding of the subtle communication between ourselves and our body which we only get once we start the journey of self repair, self management and optimization. And why not? Its just prioritizing a bit of time for ourselves, it’s not selfish but rather respecting what has been given to us and loving ourselves more!

So who looks after us, when and where do you go? That’s where a good chiropractor comes in so why not give one a try? You just call up, book an appointment and the journey begins…