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We treat patients of all ages at the Kernow Chiropractic Clinic

Hi. I am Michael Noone, primary Chiropractor at Newquay Chiropractic Clinic. Welcome to our family friendly clinic where we treat babies, the elderly (our oldest patient is 93!) and everyone in between. I am extremely proud of how far our clinic have come since starting in Cornwall in 1996. The service we offer is professional and conscientious, yet relaxed and comfortable. Our prices are fair and our treatment times are never rushed. Our clinic is primarily a chiropractic clinic with the added benefit of carefully chosen complementary therapists who offer a professional natural health option for your wellbeing.

Here’s my practice philosophy that’s been behind our success:

  • I love good service but hate sales. No pushy marketing, just good honest care.
  • I believe an excellent diagnosis shortens treatment (and therefore cost)
  • I hope that you as the patient will learn how to be part of the cure. Self-management is essential.
  • I promise if there are no findings there is no charge.
  • I trust in Mother Nature. Chiropractic is natural. If we restore balance, the body will heal itself.

I treat using a variety of approaches including traditional chiropractic which you find on the high street. Variety is my primary difference to other clinics and the reason why we use the spine overlaying the ‘yin-yang’ sign as a logo…wholistic or whole body chiropractic. My philosophy is to mix therapies to offer a variety of strings to my therapeutic bow, and not just one style. You may have heard the saying “a hammer in the hand makes everything look like a nail” and so I prefer to choose various options of treatment for a patient, rather than one approach. I believe this helps get to the cause of an injury instead of treating symptoms which can be a common pursuit. As I have branched into other therapies, so has the clinic branched into a natural health centre so there are other therapists here that may be best suited to your case too. This has proven to be a remarkable mixture allowing us to access recoveries from people with chronic problems that require a varied approach. To complement our approach, research is now showing that the 10% of people who have chronic pain require this, a mixed approach. Please see ‘Our Chiropractors and Therapists‘ to familiarise yourself with us and our therapies and individual specialities.

Studying is constant at the clinic. Never mind the yearly CPD points required by the General Chiropractic Council so we can remain in the association and up to date, I have also completed a Masters degree in Chiropractic Paediatrics in 2013. With these studies and my 3 children, I am well placed to offer gentle chiropractic to babies and children.

As we are private, we are bound by our effectiveness, and I am proud to say that we have a very small advertising budget (actually its very, very small!) as our surveys show 80% of our New Patients are from referrals from other satisfied customers. I want to ensure that when you come to us, it should be a relaxing environment for you to take some breathing space from the hectic pace of life most of us experience. Our offices are smart but informal and welcoming, with free tea and coffee facilities, where you can relax with a daily newspaper, and/or magazine while sitting in our massage chair. Our treatments are not rushed as we offer 20 minutes per session after the initial 40 minute New Patient appointment. Some clinics deliver a more rushed, conveyor belt type approach which in my opinion, again can lean towards symptom care.

I hope with this sincere introduction to our services we can welcome you to our clinic soon and look after your spine and/or offer you natural health options which you will feel confident about, leaving the worry of whether you will get better in our hands.

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