Weight loss – simple but not easy! Sarah Kirkham, Nutritionist

Weight loss – simple but not easy!

Managing weight is a simple equation: if the calories consumed equal the calories used up, you stay the same weight. Reduce the intake or increase expenditure and you lose weight. It’s simple, but it’s not necessarily easy.


First of all, there are barriers to making changes, things to trip us up, and social events put there, I’m sure, just to sabotage healthy eating plans. Just when you’re on a roll (no, not a bacon one), a wedding/night out/birthday comes along to cancel out that negative calorie balance you’ve tried so hard to achieve; friends kindly (?) offer biscuits when you visit, and trying to cook healthy foods the rest of the family will eat… well, need I say more?


Weight loss is a psychological challenge, in fact, if you can understand the emotional and mental rationale of your eating habits, you are more likely to lose weight and successfully maintain it. It’s all very well knowing how many calories are in a cream bun but that doesn’t diminish the craving to eat it! Knowing what a healthy diet is, is one thing; following a healthy diet is another kettle of fish.


So how do you get past these barriers?

  • Keep a food diary. See if you can make connections between high calorie/fatty/sugary foods eaten and how you were feeling or the time of day. Figuring out why you ate something and removing what created the craving is more effective than using will power to stop eating it.
  • Plan ahead. So many poor food choices are made because it is left to chance. Make a shopping list, buy healthy foods, avoid the biscuit/cake/chocolate aisles and pre-prepare meals if possible.
  • Out of sight out of mind. Not having ‘problem’ foods in the house removes temptation; for snacks in the house, keep them in a place you don’t use often. Seeing your favorite foods every time you open the cupboard or fridge is not going to help.


Help yourself (but not to another biscuit!) by thinking about why you make certain food choices, setting small but achievable goals, and making small changes in your eating habits. Remember, small steps in the right direction are better than thinking you have to run a marathon and never starting it!


If you need help, support or motivation to lose weight, why not book a weight loss appointment with Sara, or get a copy of the 5-star rated ‘Weight Loss – The Essential Guide’ – guaranteed to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

Sara Kirkham is a qualified nutritionist and published author with a BSc. (Honours) in Nutritional Medicine, and practices nutritional therapy at the Newquay Chiropractic Clinic. Call 07919 110440 for further information.


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