About Chiropractic

An introduction to Chiropractic treatment


Chiropractors study the spine and skeleton for 5 years full-time during their training. This gives us a lot of speciality to return your spine to health! Compare us to pain killers or treating the symptom area only and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at your comfort levels once recovered. Considering low back pain is the number one cause of sick days off work, keeping our backs and parts healthy keeps us at our daily jobs and keeps those rewards coming in. And best of all, chiropractic and osteopathy have been proven through international government authorised studies in more than three different countries to be the most effective and cost effective care for back pain (published in BMJ 1990 & 2004). We have also just been nominated by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE 2009) who advise GP’s that chiropractic should be referred to if low back pain continues for more than six weeks.

The primary point I would like to emphasise is, whatever degree of joint pain or simple morning stiffness you have, accumulating these permanent progressive strains in your body will need you to choose now or later how you are going to take care of yourself. Damage becomes harder to fix the longer you have it, which makes long term prevention ever more logical. As a Chiropractor I have a physical job and therefore enjoy simply having one treatment to my back and neck every 3 months (this is a treatment schedule my job dictates) to keep it moving. I like my spine to be as young as my mind! Mechanical physical treatment alone doesn’t solve my pains and other holistic techniques like massage or SOT and CST (see below) seem to perform that final release needed. These extra techniques I believe help us look for a deeper cause of pain or adaptation in the body. It’s amazing what we can do prior to the need for drugs and surgery! This is why I like the idea of having all of these techniques under one roof as I often have to visit different clinics for different approaches I like to receive to make my care holistic. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this and that you plan to benefit from chiropractic care with us.

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